The world is our convass; we should all get painting. (Andrea Campbell)


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Social Entrepreneur, Inventor, Linguist & Author




Inspirational Speaker, Coach & Author

Andrea published two non-fiction books in 2010. The first book entitled "Practical Business - ABC" explores her own journey in business as well as the journeys of several business and motivational personalities and presents them in an inspiring A-Z text for budding entrepreneurs. The second book is a chronicle of Jamaican proverbs, sayings, places of interest and outstanding nationals. For more information on published texts please visit:


Andrea uses her experience as the mother of a child with learning difficulties to inspire other people with similar experiences and life challenges. Through her inspirational speaking engagements coupled with her Pockiet Learner invention she is able to help other families dealing with learning difficulties and other issues. She is available for inspirational speaking engagements.





Andrea invented the Pocket Learner - an educational development system which enables children, particularly those with learning difficulties and developmental delay to build their vocabulary and develop reading skills.



Social Entrepreneur

For the last decade Andrea has been involved in running social programmes that benefit individuals living in deprived communities. She is a Founder/Director of ACT Training Services - a UK based training provider in the regeneration industry which seeks to empower individuals to develop skills and competencies in order to secure sustainable employment. She is also Co- Founder and Chair of Camptys Foundation, a non-profit organisation that benefits disabled children and young adults living in disadvantaged communities across the globe, improving the opportunity for them to reach their full potential.


Linguist & Blogger

A linguist, Andrea speaks Spanish, French and Portuguese along with her native English. She is a qualified Spanish/English translator and interpreter, with experience in a wide range of subject areas but specialising in academic documentation and certificates of various genre.


Andrea maintains an inspirational blog mixing age-old proverbs with contemporary business, languages and culture - areas on which she is particularly keen. These blogs can be found at


Andrea holds an MA Degree in Linguistics (Hons) and an MBA degree. She also holds qualifications in Performance Coaching and Further Education Teaching. She is actively involved in the running of the organisations shown on this website and paints pictures for fun, specialising in landscapes using oil on canvas; the painting(s) on this page are her work.

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Though you see others jumping on two legs, it's ok to jump on one!


(Excerpt from Jamaican Proverbs, People and Places)

Camptys Foundation


Supports the work of frontline organisations

in deprived communities and in developing countries that are working with people affected by disability.

ACT Training Services


Supports disadvantaged & vulnerable individuals seeking to develop and enhance their skills and competencies in order to move into sustainable jobs or self employment.

The Pocket



Educational development system that empowers children, particularly those with learning disabilities, helping them to build vocabulary and learn to read.

Silence is not golden where injustice reigns

If we don't till our soil it will give rise to weeds

One person sees a hole; another sees an opening.

Love is like a baton; it's made for passing!

We mustn't forget

where we came from

but equally we must remember where we are going.

Look behind you

and reach out;


the hand you take may be your very own.

Trees bear fruit, fruits have seeds, seeds hold trees.


Everyone, indeed every thing has something to offer in the cycle of life.

God is

not impressed

by stupidity.

It's better to run with winners and lose

than to run with losers and win.

You can never enter the space of

an eagle

if you sustain the mind of a chicken

No matter how vast

the darkness is,

the tiniest of lights can penetrate it.

We can dress up as

much as we want;

people are only interested

in our spirit for once it leaves, they get rid of our body.

The fact that you can fit in doesn't mean you will fit in;

choose your space carefully.