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No matter how vast the darkness,

the tiniest of lights can penetrate it. 



Social Entrepreneur

Andrea Campbell is actively involved in the planning and implementation of educational and social programmes that benefit individuals living in deprived communities.  She is a  Founder/Director of  ACT Training Services - a  UK-based training  organisation which enables its trainees to develop skills and competencies in order to  enhance their personal and professional development. 

She is also Co-founder and  Chair of Camptys Foundation, a non-profit organisation that benefits disabled children and their families living in deprived communities across the globe, promoting social inclusion and improving the opportunity for them to reach their full potential.   


Author, Speaker and Inspirational Coach

Andrea is the author of three non-fiction books. "Practical Business - ABC" explores her journey in business and draws on the experiences of several business and motivational personalities presenting them in an inspiring A-Z text for budding entrepreneurs. Jamaican Proverbs, People and Places is a chronicle of all things Jamaican including places of interest and outstanding nationals.  Her most recent publication is "Empowered" which is an inspiring text consisting of 120 of her own quotes.

The mother of a child with learning difficulties Andrea  uses her experience to inspire others in a similar situation. She uses her inspirational workshops and her Pocket Learner  invention to  empower other families dealing with learning disabilities  and other issues. She runs inspirational workshops and accepts speaking engagements.



Andrea invented the Pocket Learner - an educational development system which enables  children, including those with learning disabilities/ difficulties and developmental delay to build their vocabulary, numeracy and reading competencies. 

Linguist & Blogger

A linguist, Andrea speaks four languages including her native English and is an official translator and interpreter.

Andrea maintains  an inspirational blog mixing age-old proverbs with contemporary business, languages and culture.

Andrea  holds an MA Degree in Linguistics (Hons) and an MBA degree. She is a trained Performance Coach and Tutor in Vocational and Further Education. She is actively involved in the running of  the organisations shown on this website.   

An amateur artist who paints pictures for fun (specialising  in landscapes using  oil on canvas) the painting on this page  are her work.

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There are some that use words to wreak havoc and destruction, inflict pain and despair, hurt and humiliate; then there are those that have been moved to use the energy and power of words to help, heal, inspire, motivate, and empower people throughout the history of mankind.

Empowered  is designed in a way that invites slow and methodical consideration... inspires reflection... evocative photos of droplets of water suspended  in the air and majectic mountain ranges...

(Official Clarion Review)

From the boardroom to the classroom, these quotes are ripe for discussion and a fun way to stimulate the brain cells as we explore the broad philosophical thinking behind each statement.

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Jamaican Proverbs, People & Places is a collection of history, places, people and traditional proverbs of the beautiful island Jamaica. The book highlights the true identity of Jamaica and gives insight to those who have never ventured into this tropical land, as well as those young people of Jamaican parentage that are unaware of their roots.

will instill a sense of national identity

and nostalgia in every Jamaican...

it will introduce a whole new audience

to the mysterious charm of traditional Jamaican

dialect, wit and wisdom.

(Director, Jamaica Tourist Board)

This book is a funny and exciting read yet simultaneously impactful, inspiring and informative. It highlights the common sayings of the people whilst showcasing tourist attractions as well as the many famous and successful Jamaicans who are moving boundaries and spreading the Jamaican resilience all over the globe. Readers ranging from overseas Jamaicans, those of Jamaican heritage to tourists who are visiting will experience a true representation of this beautiful island in the West Indies, a source of pride in being Jamaican.

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10% of  the revenue from our books go towards funding  the Pocket Learner educational resources for children with special educational needs, who live in developing countries.

The Pocket Learner educational development system consists of a set of innovative educational resources that parents, carers and educational practitioners use to promote learning  in children who are struggling in their early years or who have been diagnosed as having special educational needs.

The system has won various international and business and innovation awards (see below) and is recognised as an invention that is truly beneficial to children who have learning difficulties/disabilities/delay.

More information on the system is available on the Pocket Learner website from which the resources may be obtained.

Purchase the Pocket Learner here or from Amazon.

ACT Training Services

Supports disadvantaged & vulnerable individuals seeking to develop and enhance their skills and competencies in order to move into sustainable jobs  or self employment.

Camptys Foundation

Supports the work of frontline organisations

in deprived communities and in developing countries that are working with  people affected by disability.

The Pocket Learner

Educational development system that empowers children, particularly those with learning disabilities, helping them to build vocabulary and learn to read and count.


A place where people can reach out to total strangers in confidence, to unload, share, bounce ideas knowing that they wil not be judged & their secret is totally safe.

The Special Education Advanvement Toolkit is an inspirational and educational model which was created to provide a guide for parents in their endeavour to support their children who are struggling in their early years or who have been diagnosed with special educational needs.

It presents a framework which covers the range of roles and activities that families must assume to ensure effective intervention on the part of the relevant parties who support the child.  It places the child at the centre of the equation and advocates early intervention and consistent action in a number of areas. 


The structure is built on principles represented by the acronyms: HOPE, FAITH, GENTLE(ness), JOY, LOVE and PEACE.  The steps presented in this structure reinforce the need to make an effort to support and empower each child irrespective of any disabilities that may be presented.

The blueprint sees the child as the star - the fruit of the womb who is endowed with innate abilities that enable them to bear fruit of the spirit.  When nurtured that person will excel by running his own race, and not be measured against others.  He will pursue his destiny and achieve his potential by serving his fruit to the world.

God is not


by stupidity

If you light a spark

in a hot place

it will ignite

If you don't till

your soil

it will give  rise to weeds

You can't

curse Caesar

in his palace

One person sees

a hole;

another sees an opening.

The fact that you can fit

doesn't mean you will fit;

choose your space carefully.

Look behind you and reach out; the hand you take may be your very own.

It's better to

run with winners and lose

than to run with losers and win.

Trees bear fruit, fruits have seeds, seeds hold trees.

Everyone, indeed every thing has something to offer in the cycle of life.

Oil and water may appear to mix but when the shaking is over they each settle into their natural state.

Your dream is planted inside of you, don't worry if others can't see it or don't share it; just don't let them stifle it!

Love is like a baton;

it's made for passing.

We can dress up as much as we want; people are only interested in our spirit for once it leaves, they get rid of our body.

Silence is not golden

where injustice reigns.

No one  can help youwater your garden if they don't know it exists.